Universities & Careers

The world of Higher Education has changed significantly in recent years, with a wider range of choices available, including traditional academic degrees, emergent degree-apprenticeships, and more widely accessible courses offered at international universities. 

Careers and Higher Education guidance starts during a pupil’s first year at Senior School. Throughout the Upper and Lower Sixth, pupils receive a comprehensive introduction to the current options on offer and are fully supported throughout the admissions process. We aim to place each pupil on a course at an institution that is best suited to them, and that will allow them to fulfil their potential. 

Pupils are guided on a range of topics including: choice of course, choice of university, student finance, graduate employability, international applications, applications for medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. All pupils are introduced to a range of online resources and are encouraged to use these as a part of the decision making process. This will ensure that pupils make an informed and well-reasoned decision relating to their higher education and career options.