Pre Prep School

Educating pupils from from Early Years ( age 3) to Year 2 (age 6), Pre-Prep is a lively, vibrant learning environment where lessons are taught in and outside the classroom. We have created a warm, open and stimulating atmosphere, where the children are at the heart of our teaching and learning. 

We ensure that children are happy, confident learners, who thrive on the challenges presented. Experienced, enthusiastic teachers and teaching assistants work to make sure that children have a positive, enjoyable and memorable experience during their time in Pre-Prep.

Pre-Prep has its own spacious, enclosed outdoor areas and makes full use of the beautiful grounds and location. Educational, seasonal walks enhance the curriculum as we take full advantage of the natural resources available to us.

We understand the importance of  communication with parents and take pride in the positive relationship we have created. Twice a year Pre-Prep parents receive a report and there are three Parents’ Evenings throughout the year. Parents can also arrange additional appointments at any time to discuss their child’s progress.

Transition from Pre-Prep to Lower School is extremely important and a careful programme has been put together to ensure children are fully confident when moving to the next stage of their life at Repton Sofia.