Values & Aims


  • Wholeness of the person in moral, intellectual, physical and social endeavours,
  • Truth reached in a lifelong process of learning.
  • Excellence as an aspiration for all, in both individual and collaborative pursuits.
  • Respect founded in a deep regard for our common humanity and the unexceptional in each other.


The School’s aim is that every Reptonian should develop into a confident individual and a person of integrity.

Recognising each pupil’s unique potential for achievement, the School offers an ordered community supported by members of staff, facilities and educational foundations, to foster pupils’ lifelong academic, athletic and cultural aspirations, to develop their talents and to help them play their part in the global community, especially through contacts amongst the international schools of the Repton Family.

Primacy is placed on academic progress, enrichment and support, but the desirability of achieving qualifications is balanced by the opportunity to be curious and reflective about the self and the world. The spirit of excellence sits alongside that of equal participation in the fields of music, drama, art, design and digital technologies and in individual and team sports. Moral foundations, high personal standards, sound character and good manners are valued.